Installation Instructions and Engine Starting Procedure for A-1 Miller's Replacement Tecumseh Electronic Ignition System.

  1. This system operates best with the short pin in the flywheel (which is located at approximately 17º BTDC); remove the long pin (which is located at approximately 3º BTDC). The long pin will not be needed and will interfere with proper operation of the ignition system. FYI - I've done a lot of research on this and the long pin MUST be absent for this ignition system to work correctly!
  2. When installing the ignition system on the engine, set air gap/clearance between the [short] firing pin and sensor/module at .010"-.050" with a paper, plastic or brass (anything non-magnetic) feeler gauge, then securely tighten the mounting fasteners. IMPORTANT - Gently and slowly rotate the flywheel back and forth by hand to check that the sensor/module does not make contact with the firing pin. Absolutely do not allow the sensor/module to make contact with the pin while the engine is running, or the sensor/module will be damaged!
  3. Connect the RED wire to the ignition switch, which is connected to the battery positive (+) post.
  4. Set the spark plug gap at .030".
  5. Connect the spark plug, and place it on a metal part of the engine. Turn on the ignition switch to supply power to the system. NOTE: A single "test" spark may occur at the spark plug, which is normal with this type of system. Now rotate the flywheel back and forth by hand so the short pin passes the sensor/module, and observe for a strong, "snappy" blue spark at the spark plug's tip. IMPORTANT: Use a new copper core/non-resistor AC Delco, Autolite or Champion spark plug of the correct type gapped at .030" for longer coil life. This ignition system comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Use of a resistor type spark plug will void warranty.
  6. Starting Procedure: With the absence of the long firing pin, the engine with have a fixed and non-adjustable "advanced at all times" ignition timing. So to start the engine, first choke the carburetor, crank the engine, and then turn on the ignition switch to "put the spark to it." It should start every time. Once you get used to doing it this way, you'll think nothing of it after a while. If the ignition is turned on first and then the engine is cranked over, it will likely "kick back" every time, which could damage the starter motor armature shaft.

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