GM 4-Pin HEI Electronic Ignition Control Module Wiring Connections/Diagram with the Cube-Shaped 3-Wire Inductive Proximity Sensor

This ignition system operates with full 12 volts. This is a thoroughly tested, researched and proven reliable ignition system invented by Brian Miller for ordinary lawn & garden engines and competition pulling engines. With most tractors, the ignition conversion can be made with the engine in the tractor. The only modifications that need to be done is the flywheel shroud needs to be loosened to access and replace the Trigger Module, and two holes will need to be drilled and tapped with the 2 supplied screws in the kit. To install this replacement ignition system; the ignition coil mounts in place of the Breakerless Ignition coil; the proximity cube sensor/bracket mounts in place of the Breakerless Ignition Trigger Module, which is located at the 10:30 position on the bearing plate; and two 9/64" holes will need to be drilled and tapped (with the two self-threading screws are supplied with the kit) on the backside of the bearing plate, on the left side when facing the flywheel, to mount the GM HEI ignition control module. Be sure to apply the supplied dielectric grease between the module and bearing plate to dissipate the operating heat. IMPORTANT: The coil and/or module may burn up if the ignition switch is left on for more than 5 minutes with the engine not running.

List of Parts in Kit Includes:

Installation Instructions: