GM 4-Pin HEI Electronic Ignition Control Module Wiring Connections/Diagram with the Cube-Shaped 3-Wire Inductive Proximity Sensor

This ignition system operates with full 12 volts. UPDATED 8/8/17: In order for the ordinary/stock GM 4-pin HEI module allow the engine to accelerate at full speed, it must be used with the Cube-shaped 3-wire inductive proximity sensor, and can be used with virtually any ignition coil, regardless of the ohms resistance or voltage output, even with a suppression/carbon-core with a 4.8 ohm resistance spark plug wire and resistor spark plug gapped at .035". This concept revolutionizes the use of this small, compact and versatile module! This is a thoroughly tested, researched and proven reliable ignition system invented by Brian Miller for ordinary lawn & garden engines and competition pulling engines. IMPORTANT: The coil and/or module may burn up if the ignition switch is left on for more than 5 minutes with the engine not running.

Compliments of Brian Miller