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Submit photo(s) of your garden tractor and mini rod pulling sled if you are proud of it and want it posted here for the world to see. Please submit in .JPG format. Attach to or embed in your email. I need information like your name, where you live, where you use your sled, a brief description and history of your sled, name of sled and whatever else you may want to share with the viewers. My e-mail address is

  1. "Track Master"

    Owned by: Brian & Billy Miller of Columbia, Missouri.
    Built & Operated by: Brian Miller of Columbia, Missouri.
    Motorized/self propelled garden tractor/mini-rod pulling sled. Weighs approximately 6,000 lbs. for garden tractors, and 7,000 lbs. with added weight in the pan for small wheel mini-rods. Powered by a stock "built to the max" 14hp Kohler engine. It's capable of stopping ATVs, UTV's, garden tractors and up to 1,500 lb. V8 mini-rods with the 26-12.00x12 tire limit.
    More Information:
    Used on dirt/clay tracks only, this is the Hot Rod Garden Tractor Pullers Association's official sled and we rent it to other various events. Click HERE for information on renting this sled for your event.

  2. Name?
    Owners: Greg and Larry Curtsinger of Carlisle, KY
    Description: Built by the late Garvey Curtsinger in 2002 and 2003. Powered by 2.8 V6 with automatic transmission. Used primarily by North Central Kentucky Garden Tractor Pullers. Used for Stock through 1,250 Open 4 Cylinder Open Hot Rod with 26-12.00x12 tire limit. Dirt or Blacktop.
    E-mail address: | Submitted: 11/28/03


    Owner: Randy of Prince Edward Island (a small province in eastern Canada). The town's name is Crapaud (French for toad!)
    Description: It's a pull-back type (non-powered). It has a chevy 1 ton drive differential, a 5-speed Toyota transmission to a narrowed differential from a Toyota car. It's got a level to a bit down hill frame, the 2' x 4' x 2' deep box rolls on flanged rollers out of a potato harvester. The box is pulled by a #80 roller chain. The box drive mechanisms are all located at the rear where I sit. The 1/4" skid plate is 4' wide x 6' long with a 2' high buckboard at the front. I also have a set of shocks mounted between the frame and pan to keep it from bouncing. I tried to keep it simple and durable for low maintenance.
    More information: We have our pulls along with our ag fair on the last Saturday of July each year. Reg starts at 9:00 a.m., pulls start at 10:00 a.m. It's small time but it's a good time. Classes are as follows: Stock - 500, 800, 1,100 and 1,500 lbs.; Modified (bikes & snowmobile power) - 800, 1,000, 1,200, 1,400 and 1,600,lbs. I've also pulled 3 & 4 wheel ATVs and even heavy horses. If anyone is interested in pulling with us my e-mail address is | Submitted: 12/1/03

  4. "Yellow Rose"
    We have been working on this sled for about 4 years. We have about $6,000 in it and going to invested some more. The new pan will cost $850 skid plate and fabrications.
    For more information: OUTLAW TRUCK & TRACTOR PULLS | Submitted: 12/9/03

  5. Name?

    My brother, Keith Leroy, myself and Kevin Herring built this sled late 2002. It took 4 months to do so. It has two Toyota transmissions, a Toyota rearend, #60 chain, a right angle cultivator box and I used the double-disc clutch setup that was in my Pro-Stock Cub Cadet garden tractor to drive the box forward. There's a "bump stop." When it hits the release arm, the clutch disengages. The weight in the box is 1,500 lbs. I have about $800.00 invested in this sled. I built this sled because of the falling out I had with a local club so I now have pulls at my house. I pull ATV 4 wheelers, stock garden tractors, Pro-Stocks, Modified twins, and all motorcycle tractors are welcome. And I also pull Toyota two wheel drive trucks! I can do all this without removing or adding weight to the box. The sled is a pull-back design with intent on making it self-propelled soon. I pull in Madison, Virginia and I do lease my sled out. If you would like to talk about that or come to the pulls, please email me at | Submitted: 1/4/04

  6. "Humiliator"
    Owner: Danny Day of Ursa, IL
    Operators: Danny Day and Roger Goldenstein
    Description: The story concerning this sled goes like this: I pulled with a local club for years and some of the people in charge just got to treating certain pullers so bad that I built a new sled and started a new club for the pullers so they can pull and have a good time. We built this sled using some parts from a MF combine. It has power steering and is totally hydraulically driven. It also has the newest Agri-Tronix electronic measuring device with radio remote. This sled has many sponsors too, as you can see. Pepsi, Hardee's restaurant, Adams County Auction, Jodan Motor Sports are sponsors and even the Adams County Sheriff's Dept. helps to sponsor this sled! The name of the sled is the Humiliator. The cost to build it was just over $12,000. It's powered by a new 24hp Honda twin cyl. engine. I can put weight up to 8,500 lbs. on it for a total of 10,000 lb.s and it can start a 600 lb. tractor, too. It has two 4 speed transmissions and is a breeze to operate. There's just 3 handles that controls the whole sled. It runs at 5.1 mph in reverse and 5.6 mph in forward. It's just over 20 feet long. We spent a lot of time building this sled. It took us just over 2 months and lots of hard work. Now that we have the sled done, we're going to construct another one for the mini rods. It'll be driven by a car motor. We have recently started pulling a 1550 class We have got 4 cylinders gas and diesel as well as v-8 Chevy's. Our web site is
    E-mail: | Submitted: 4/22/05

  7. "Kevin's Machine"

    This sled was built in 1979 and updated through the years. It belongs to Strasburg Pullers from Strasburg Ohio. The sled is made of as 2005. First its changed color to a yellow with diamond plating with all alum been replaces with deck plate. It's powered by a 2.2 Chrysler front wheel drive unit engine and transmission/we welded the spiders solid so that we could drive off of the right side then we set it in there sideways. The drive came out over the Dana 60 from a Ford 4 wheel drive. Now that couples to the high low case, which intern couples to the 4 speed, which couples the Saginaw 4 speed turned backwards through a handmade in out clutch that is tied into a hydra cylinder with a linelock to keep clutch outwear when you return to line. After that, it goes into a 189hp 90 degree box with 2 rows of # 60 chain. that's what draws the box up. Added to motor was a Saginaw steering pump, lines and tank for hydra oil storage for the steering, simple left right for the steering and up-down for the shoe. The shoe is alum as well as quick silver bed line material on bottom. That takes wear and tear out of shoe plus makes it easier to start small tractors. There's 2 chain lengths for this as we do put up to up to 250hp machines. At the rear of the shoe it does have adjustments for height as well as staggered 2x12 cleats on bottom of shoe. Operation: 1 man, he has state of the art computer that measures down to the thousands of an inch if needed, we pioneered that tech with a company out of Circleville, Ohio. He has kill buttons, red, yellow and green lights for flagman operation. right and left wheel brakes, hydra for clutch, as well as for steering. And air ride seat for comfort. when we come for a show we have a big truck and trailer, alum scales [we built] grading tractor with water capabilities 150 gallon water tank, custom built drag, 800 lb. roller, water pump and 200 feet of hose to water track, generator for public address system and possible light set up, in other words the entire show.
    Email: | Submitted: 5/18/05

  8. "Draggin' Sled"

    Whew! Well, we certainly did this one! Two months ago we decided to build our own ATV Tractor pull sled.... We have now put on two events, first was the ATV Outlaw Jamboree in Springerville, AZ, and now we just finished our local Grant County Fair. A tradition in the making, this thing is booked through several lifetimes..... Polaris ruled the roost, with the exception of the 400 class going to the BRP Outlander 400. The 400 Outlander Max beat even the Sportsman 500! The sled weighs 2700 lbs empty, about 4,000 lbs weighted. Thanks to Brian Miller and his web site for providing key components and information on how to build a "weight transfer sled." Our "Draggin' Sled" is a huge success, on our first attempt. As a veteran of the "Junkyard Wars" reality TV show, I knew we could do it. My son Skyler and I built the whole thing in a month of weekends and after school/work evenings. Sure glad it works, sure glad its done......Alex, ATV Mountain Cycle, Silver City, NM
    Email: | Submitted: 10/1/05

  9. (No name)
    Builder: Rick Davis of Shelbyville, Texas (Draggin Pulling Team)
    Description: This is a sled I just completed for a new Garden Tractor Pulling Club in Illinois. I used your very helpful web site on how to build a sled. As you can see I did do a few more things to it but basically followed your outline on building one. Made for a very clean and easy to use sled. It has a 5 speed Mazda transmission for 5 different weight box speeds, has a Ford Ranger narrowed rear end and a Chevy 12 bolt rear end on the ground. #60 drive chain. I had an operators station built and ready to put on it but they wanted to use their own designed one an Outhouse! They are a Redneck pulling club. It took me right at 3 months to do this first one and am building another at this time with a few changes and will post some pictures of it later! I also build pedal tractor pulling sled which you have listed on your advertisement site.
    Submitted: 4/23/09

  10. "Dirtroadmotorsport"

    Description: This is the sled we use for our local club. It is owned by Dirtroadmotorsport from Jerseyville. IL and it's for rent. It has a 4 speed and 4 wheel drive transmission and has DigitalMeasures system.

    The web site is

    Submitted 10/23/12

  11. "The Hammer"
    Description: The Shenandoah Valley Tractor Pullers Association was organized in 1990 from three pulling clubs: Valley Pullers, Tri-County Pullers and Sledco beginning with only stock garden tractors. The sport has come a long way since those days with the addition of more classes which include Stock Altered, Pro Stock, Modifieds, and Mini Rods. In 1994 SVTPA joined with National Garden Tractor Pullers Association in an effort to unify rules and safety regulations nationwide. Since then we have been affiliated with American Garden Tractor Pullers Association and most recently with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League. The SVTPA organizes approximately 12-15 pulls each season mostly in conjunction with non-profit organizations to assist them in their fund raising efforts. We also do shows for several County Fairs and the State Fair of Virginia. We pull mostly in VA but we have done pulls in MD, WV, NC, and PA. We have members from VA, MD, WV, and NC. The SVTPA considers garden tractor pulling to be a family oriented sport with pullers as young as 6 years old on up. We have teams with husband and wife, sons and daughters, brother and sister and whole families. We always strive for safety, family, fun and putting on a great show for the crowds. We have our own sled named "the Hammer" which we use at all of our pulls. The sled is inspected, licensed, and insured by the North American Sled Owners Association. So check our schedule and come see our show the next time we are in your area. Brian, thank you for all you have done to promote the sport of tractor pulling.. R.B. Barnby.
    Email: | Submitted: 10/23/12

  12. "Rock County Pullers"
    From: Christopher Craig, Activity Coordinator, Rock County Pullers.
    Description: Here is my tractor, Let's Roll, at the start of our show in Random Lake, WI this past summer, all hooked up to our Rock County Pullers Sled. We have been pulling with this sled 6 or 7 years. I live in Delavan, WI and our club pulls in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We pull on dirt and pavement with it.
    Submitted: 10/23/12

  13. "Ground Hog"
    From: Barry Jones of Dallas GA.
    Description: Construction of sled began in Jan. 2011. It had it's first test pull in July 2011. With plans to add a pullback engine, pan tilt cylinders, sheet metal, paint and control station, it is a work in progress. It is owned and operated by Thundersports Garden Tractor Pullers in Carrollton, GA. It was built using a Ford 3/4 ton truck rear axle, Ford Ranger 5 spd, trans, Mustang 3 spd trans and a narrowed Pinto rear end with drum brake release system. The weight box runs on V rollers and hidden lower guide rollers. We pull in the metro Atlanta, north and west GA area. We can be contacted at
    Submitted: 12/9/12

  14. Name?

    From: Brian Carson of Crescent, Iowa.
    Description: I really enjoy your website. a few locals upset me, so i have built my own sled. now i may start my own club. we will see. having more fun with friends out doing it for fun. i have 2 transmissions. i can have a 30 foot track or a 350 foot track. having your own track is nice. i will be building a Command this winter. i will need some parts. thanks for the great website. Merry Christmas to you. thanks and i will contact you again.
    Submitted: 12/20/13 | Email:

Submit photo(s) of your garden tractor and mini rod pulling sled if you are proud of it and want it posted here for the world to see. Please submit in .JPG format. Attach to or embed in your email. I need information like your name, where you live, where you use your sled, a brief description and history of your sled, name of sled and whatever else you may want to share with the viewers. My e-mail address is

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