Concerning the COVID-19 situation: A-1 Miller's Performance Enterprises is still in business and offering all the parts and services that's listed in this website. And being business is overwhelming and that we are short-handed working in a small shop, it may take longer than usual to process a big order. Please acknowledge your appreciation of the information in this website by making a donation through PayPal or to pay for an order.

A-1 Miller's Performance Enterprises Specializing in Professional Small Engine Repairs and Various Parts, Freshening, Builds and Rebuilding, Custom-Made Garden Tractor Pulling Parts and Machine Shop Services | Offering Quality Products and Professional Workmanship at Reasonable Prices!

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Offering small engine repairs, including Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Tecumseh, etc. We are a local and mail-order service facility, and offering experienced and professional small engine repairs, various garden tractor pulling parts and repair services, various Cub Cadet garden tractors parts, sharpening service, steel welding, metal fabrication, brazing and general machine shop services. Will do our best to fix anything and everything. We have a well-equipped machine shop, so there's not much we can't do. We are very particular about our repairs and the quality of the products that we offer for sale. We fabricate and use the same high quality parts that we sell to our customers in our personal lawn and garden equipment and pulling tractors. Nothing less. Because if we don't feel comfortable or satisfied about a certain part that we make or sell, then we know you won't either. We will not sell or offer you parts or services you don't need. And we've always been a "green" company! we reduce, reuse, recycle and restore when others just "throw it away." In other words, we'd rather repair an old part than replace it with a new one, if the part is still available.
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If you have a request, needs or questions concerning machine work within our facility's capabilities, please give us a call at the number below Ê during regular business hours. Our shop is well-equipped to repair most makes and models of small engine equipment, pulling tractors and just about anything else. We have a small machine shop equipped with...

  • 60-Gallon Commercial-Grade Air Compressor
  • Various Air Impact Tools and Wrenches
  • Heavy Duty Drill Press
  • Vertical Milling/Drilling Machine
  • 8" Super Spacer
  • 7" Milling Machine Vise
  • Bench-Mounted, Handheld and Die Grinders
  • 6" x 8" Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Bandsaw
  • 14" 4-Speed Universal Vertical Bandsaw
  • 14" Metal Cutting Cut-Off (Chop) Saw
  • 12" Disc Sander (fastens in chuck of large metal lathe)
  • Combination 9" Disc Sander and 6" Wide x 16" Length Flat Belt Sander
  • Lincoln Wire-Feed Welder (Steel Welding Only)
  • 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
  • Propane Torch and Oxy-Acetylene Brazing/Welding/Cutting Torch
  • Neway Valve Seat Cutter, Sioux Valve Face Grinding Machine w/automatic oiler and Sioux Valve Seat Grinder Kit
  • 7" x 14" w/4" Chuck Metal Lathe w/Manual Feed
  • 9" x 19" w/4" Chuck Metal Lathe w/Power Feed
  • 13" x 36" w/6" Chuck Metal Lathe w/Power Feed
  • 12 Ton Upright Hydraulic Press
  • Assortment of Threading Hand Taps and Dies
  • Adjustable Cylinder Deglazing Hones
  • 10 Gallon Capacity Solvent Parts Cleaner
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner for Carburetor Rebuilds and Other Small Parts
  • Small 4 Axis CNC Router/Engraver Machine
  • Stuska 200hp/12,000 RPM Computerized Water Brake Engine Dynamometer (Dyno) with DPM Data Logger Software
  • And All the Tools Required to Rebuild and Modify Most Small Engines, Automotive Engines, Transaxles, Transmissions and Automotive Differentials/Rear Ends

A-1 Miller's Computerized Stuska Water Brake Engine Dynamometer (Dyno) Service with DPM Data Logger Software to Test Horsepower and Torque! | [Top of Page]

For performance testing of 10-16hp single cylinder Kohler stock or competition pulling engines at speeds up to 12,000 RPM. 100% accurate, customers can rent dyno time, fine tune and make adjustments or changes to their engines to gain maximum horsepower and torque, and print-out the results so their tractor(s) will be truly competitive on the track. With an engine dyno, the puller can adjust their engine to get maximum horsepower and torque, and gear their tractor appropriately to have an advantage over the competition. NOTE: A fresh-built engine may not produce full power until it's broke-in. This is when the valves wear-in with the seats to completely seal in the compression. The rings will likely hold the compression, but the valves may leak slightly until they wear into the seats. This is normal for all engines and may take several hours or pulls to happen, then the valves will be able to hold full compression. Lots of pullers tell A-1 Miller's after I've built their engines that it seems to pull stronger every time they pull it.

Engine Dyno Rental Fee: $50.00 per hour run time from the moment the engine is started. No setup fee for Cub Cadet engines with a 3- or 6-pin/stud clutch driver. An adapter may need to be needed or fabricated for other makes and models of engines. Only engines with the narrow base oil pan can be tested. Engines with the wide base (tall) oil pan cannot be tested at this time. [Return to Previous Section, Paragraph or Website]

Coming Soon - Detailed Illustrated Plans on How to Construct a Professional Pull-Back and Self-Propelled Garden Tractor Pulling Sled. FYI - The professionally-built self-propelled pulling sled is the only one I've ever built (click the picture to the right to see a larger image of this sled), and I got it right the first time, with very few changes or modifications that had to be made to it. I guess I'm just one of those kind of guys that knows what he's doing. Pullers really like pulling our sled, too. They say it's the best sled they've ever pulled. (Not bragging, just stating a fact.) By the way - Track Master sled is engineered so well (by Brian Miller), that other sled builders/owners have copied my well thought-out and proven design. And I do appreciate them acknowledging my intelligence. Anyway, I have lots of work to do in my shop and I work on the sled plans in my spare time. As soon as my plans with an inventory list of parts to use are perfected, I'll post the update in my websites with the prices of the plans. Remember - Perfection takes time. If it's worth having, it's worth waiting for. Also, I plan to acquire a bigger shop and may build high quality garden tractor pulling sleds in the future to offer for sale. Please call 573-256-0313 (shop) or 573-881-7229 (cell; text or voice message), or email if interested. - Brian Miller

If you would like to purchase any of the parts or services listed in the linked websites, and/or for FREE professional and honest technical assistance and support, please contact: A-1 Miller's Performance Enterprises | 1501 W. Old Plank Rd. | Columbia, MO (Missouri) 65203-9136 USA | Phone: 1-573-256-0313 (shop) | 1-573-881-7229 (cell; text or when leaving a voice message, please speak slowly and clearly). Please call Monday-Friday, except holidays, 9am to 5pm, Central time zone. If no answer, please try again later. (When speaking with Brian, please be patient because I stutter.) E-mail: When you call, text, email or visit our shop, you will be dealing directly with the owner for the best customer service. A-1 Miller's shop is open to the public from 9am to 5pm, including weekends, except holidays. Please call, text or email before coming so I'll be here waiting for your arrival. Directions to our shop | 1501 West Old Plank Road, Columbia, MO - Google Maps or Map of 1501 West Old Plank Road, Columbia, MO by MapQuest. If you're the kind of person who don't trust delivery/shipping companies (mis)handling your high-dollar and fragile merchandise, you can make the long drive to A-1 Miller's shop to personally drop off and/or pick up your carburetor, clutch assembly, engine, transaxle, tractor, etc. "The road to a friend's house (or shop) is never long." (We're planning to relocate our business to other property with a bigger and better shop so we can hire more help and provide many more high quality parts and professional services.)

To place an order, please call the number below Ê or send an email with your name, complete and correct postal address and phone number and so the total amount can be figured with shipping cost and USPS Tracking. For payment options for parts ordered or services performed, or to make a donation to my websites, I accept cash (in person), USPS Postal Money Orders, cashier's checks, business checks, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express (please add 2.5% to the total for the credit/debit card processor's surcharge), Western Union Money Transfer or MoneyGram Money Transfers. (If a part for a specific purpose is special ordered, your debit/credit card may be charged for the full amount or as a deposit right after your order is placed; please do not send your debit/credit card information in email!) Or you can pay A-1 Miller's through PayPal. (My PayPal account name is my email address. And be sure to mention in PayPal a description of what the payment is for.) If sending a money order, please include a note in the envelope with your name, complete and correct postal address, phone number and a description of what the payment is for. My mailing address and phone number are below Ê . I'll make a note of your order, and I may have to order some of the parts, which should take a few days to come in, but I will send the parts to you as soon as I have everything in stock after I receive your payment.

IMPORTANT - When sending your part(s) to A-1 Miller's for rebuilding or repair, package everything securely so the item(s) won't get damaged in shipping and please include a note in the box with your name, mailing address, phone number (in case I have any questions) and a description of what you want done. When shipping heavy parts, it's best to put a slightly smaller box inside a larger box, to double the strength and integrity of the package. Because the clumsy "gorillas" or incompetent and uncaring workers that work for certain delivery services mishandle the heavy packages and don't care. And when the work is completed, I'll either call or email you an invoice with the total including shipping & handling.

Payment Options and We Ship to Canada and Worldwide
Item(s) in a package or cushioned envelope weighing less than 1 lb. is sent by US Postal Service Airmail Letter Post for a 4-7 days delivery. Packaged item(s) weighing over 1 lb. and up to 66 lb. is sent by US Postal Service Airmail Parcel Post for a 4-10 days delivery. I cannot use the US Postal Services' Flat Rate Priority Mail envelopes and boxes to ship outside U.S. territories. Item(s) weighing over 67 lbs. or more is sent by FedEx Ground or equivalent services. We try to keep our shipping cost to customers within reason. Therefore, we don't ship our products in a fancy-looking package with our company name and/or logo on it because most customers will just toss it in the trash after they remove the contents. And being there is no USPS tracking number outside the US, all I can do is make sure I write your address correctly on the customs form and on your package.

My websites are not set up to process orders and accept payments. Therefore, for payment options, I accept cash (in person), USPS Postal Money Orders, cashier's checks, business checks, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express (please add 2.5% to the total amount for the credit/debit card processor's surcharge), Western Union Money Transfer or MoneyGram Money Transfers. If paying with a credit/debit card, please call me at either number below. To make a payment to me through PayPal, please click this link: Please use the "Friends and Family" option, or add 3% to the total amount to cover PayPal's processing surcharge. Or to make a payment to me ( in the US through the Venmo app, please click this link: Or use Cash App to make a payment to me ( And be sure to mention in PayPal, Venmo or Cash App a description of what the payment is for with your full name, postal address, phone number and email address. If sending a money order or cashier's check, please include a note in the envelope with your name, complete mailing address, phone number, email address and a description of what the payment is for. I'll make a note of your order when I have all your information, and I may have to order some of the parts, which should take a few days to come in, but I will send everything on your list to you as soon as I have the parts in stock after I receive your payment.

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